Custom Clothes For Italian Greyhounds

Our shop specializes in Italian Greyhound clothing. Though we do make clothes for other dog breeds! Our mission is to make your cherished fur family member cute and comfy at an affordable price. You can order custom outfits for your pups down to the fabric choice or select one of our ready to wear outfits. The custom made and tailored items are still the heart of our shop! Custom production time varies based on how busy the shop is.

Little Milo's Closet FAQ

What If I Don't Have An Italian Greyhound?

Although we specialize in Italian Greyhounds, we make outfits for Whippets, Full Sized Greyhounds, Chiggys, & Other Small, Medium, & Larger dog breeds. If you're unsure or have questions about size & clothing for your pup, please submit a custom order to get a quote!

Who is Little Milo?

After over 40 years of sewing and tailoring human clothing, I started designing and sewing for Italian Greyhounds in 2012 when my daughter added Milo to our lives. Italian Greyhounds have such unique bodies that getting the fit just right is very important not only for warmth and protection but also for safety.

How Does Sizing Compare?

The basics of my sizes are listed below:

  • XS, back length under 12 1/2", Weight under 8 pounds
  • S, back length 13 1/2", weight 8-10 pounds
  • M, back length 14-16", weight 10-16 pounds
  • L, back length 17-18", weight 16-20 pounds
  • Whippet, back Length 20-22"
  • Greyhound, Back Length 26-28"

Please read size details in the product description.

Difference Between Ready To Wear And Custom?

Listings that start with the word Custom need measurements and your fabric & style selections. Custom production time varies based on how busy the shop is, quantity, complexity of design, etc.

Ready To Wear listings ship next business day. RTW products are available in lots of styles and standard Iggy sizes. Most RTW products are available in limited supply.

Cold Weather Cozy

Looking for a way to spice up your pup's life? Why not get your Iggy a cold weather outfit? They are not only fashionable, but also functional. Click the button below to see some facts about Iggys and cold weather clothing:

See Details!

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